Thursday, April 24, 2014

Red Long Bean & Kucai

Due to the rainy season and the water rationing in Selangor area, I have not been actively doing my gardening work. 

I harvested these beans early in the morning. I am still very happy even though there are only 5 beans there...I can put them in my fried rice or cook them as mix vege. I really like to grow red long bean, as they are almost free from insert and they are really easy to take care.

The lst kucai harvest from my garden...they are so beautiful & taste so good =)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Colorful Kemunting Cina Plants For Sale

I wanted to sell all at one lump sum if possible, 
price excluded postage  

1-2 plants- RM10 per plant,
3-4 plants- RM9 per plant,
5-6 plants-RM8 per plant.

If you are interested to buy seeds, please email to Thanks!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

WHite Pea Flower Seeds

One good news and one bad news to share today,

The good news...
Finally, white pea flowers seeds are ready for grab.
The bad news...
The too SMART owner planted both the single layer and multilayer white pea flowers side by side....and as a result, now she cannot differentiate the seeds between them..

End up she mixed all of seeds together. So you may get both the single and multilayer white pea flower seeds in one pack..... up to your luck ya..
 RM3-15 seeds 
If you are interested to buy seeds, please email to Thanks!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mulberry Cuttings for Sale

It is good to have a mulberry tree at home. It will provide you with the endless mulberry fruit for all year long. 
I just hard prune my mulberry tree, leaving me with lot of leaves and cutting. 

The green mulberry leaves are so fertile this time. Big & green. I have no idea what to do with the leaves. I feel so “sayang” to throw away all this green leave. Usually I will sundry them and make it tea. But I still have a lot of dried leaves sit on the cupboard. Teach me how to settle them..

As for the cutting, anyone interested? I am selling them at 8 cuttings for RM10.... or else throw =(

8 mulberry cuttings ======> RM10 (postage excluded ya)

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Story of a Mini-Size Watermelon

Hi...Happy Friday to everyone =)

Have u all ever seen a optical mouse-sized watermelon? All right, this is nothing to be proud of....It was actually a watermelon with retarded growth. But, one thing for sure, mini-sized watermelon was so CUTE! hehe

Well, the watermelon plants was actually growing quite well. Can you see the baby watermelon? i never thought that this watermelon plant will supply me only a mini sized watermelon =.= Feel like being cheated (x_x)
Alright no sharing with fruit I wrapped the watermelon ball with plastic bag
Well, i cannot remember how long i had waited to harvest the watermelon...maybe one month or more...the size of the watermelon still the SAME! But the tendril had dried up and turned to brown color. So...harvest!
However, the mini size watermelon look "HEMSEM" from the front view only, it actually had started to rot. It was overripe. Sad!
DON care! I still wanna see inside of the watermelon. Oh, it was actually a yellow watermelon! I tasted a bit of the flesh, it was fresh and slightly sweet!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Plant for Sale…

Those are extra plants in my garden that I wanna let go...interested please email to  Plant will be sent out through pos laju.

Total price = Price of plant + postage 

Postage of pos laju = 1-3 plants (RM13), 3-5 plants (RM20)

1. Baby aloe vera-edible type (3-RM5)
2. belalai gajah (RM8)
2. Binahong (RM8)
3. Brazillian spinach (RM8)
4. Kaduk plant (RM8)
5. Mulberry plant (RM8)
6. Pegaga plant (RM8)
7. Pokok sambung nyawa (RM8)

8. Serai Wangi (RM8)
9. Taiwan Goji plant (RM8)
10. Markisa plant (RM10)
11.Bunga kantan plant (RM12)
12.Pokok tenggek burung (RM12)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Brazilian Spinach

Brazilian Spinach is another favorite green that worth to be planted in the garden.  

It is a perennial with a beautiful crinkly leaf that needs very least maintenance. 

Harvesting the leaves downward encourages new leaves growing out from the leaf axial.  

To me, Brazilian Spinach is a good tasting crunchy texture green leafy vegetable (similar with kailan green), but without the slimy texture of Malabar Spinach that people often dislike. 



Beautiful harvest