Friday, November 21, 2014

Multilayer Pink Balsam

It has been more than one month i didn't write.....Time pass so fast! I have been so so busy preparing something big & important...tired!

First time i am dealing with multilayer balsam. It is pink in color. It look like small roses to me. The dark pink & purple color one are coming soon too.I planted them beside the lab in the uni. A few peoples came to me asking whether is it a rose plant. Multilayer pink balsam are really pretty & so sweet. 

RM2, 15 seeds
Interested please email me at 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Abandoned Gold Beneath The Soil

Fresh from the garden, best tak? hehe

I grow a tumeric plant in a pot sharing with kesum plants. I wanted to use the tumeric leaves in my cooking but i tak sempat. And it suddenly dried up and turned into brown color @_@. 

I ignored this dried up tumeric plant for about a month. And yesterday i cleaned up the pot because i wanna grow ginger. Out of my expectation, there are tumeric roots grow beneath the soil! 

The plant look small for me but the roots do develop well. Good job! Frankly, i do nothing for this tumeric plant except watering. 

Tadaa...this is the yellow gold that i found beneath the soil

This the pot that i used to grow tumeric....Notice the dried tumeric leaves?

Tadaaa.....The cleaned nice color harvest

The problem is how should i use it in my cooking? i have never use it in my cooking. Beside masak lemak and fry fish, suggest me a recipe please? 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

111014 Adenium Again

111014 Good Morning! Again showing off adenium that blooms this morning! Hope you all don't feel bored ya....Have a Happy weekend too =)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Muletilayer & Single Layer Blue Pea Flower

So what is the different between muletilayer & single layer blue pea flower? Both are beautiful for sure! hehe
One piece of multilayer blue pea flower simply consist of 5 pieces flower petals! 
Wao! There are a lot! We are actually getting 5 pieces of single layer pea flowers from just one piece of multilayer blue pea flower. Not bad right =)

This is how the multilayer & single layer blue pea flowers look like before & after they are dried! Multilayer one look bigger ha.

Beautiful harvest! 
They look like this when after they are dried!

Thanks for dropping by. I am selling 100 pieces flower per pack at RM2. 

For the postage,
1. 100-200 pieces flowers (1-2 packs) – normal post (RM1), take longer time, may lost during delivery.

2. 100-200 pieces flowers (1-2 packs) – post express (RM3.50), reach by the next day of delivery.

3. 300 and above – post laju (RM6), reach by next day of delivery too.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Adenium again =)

Hi, Happy Friday everyone...

Wanted to share with you all my coloful adenium...Feel so happy to see them bloom..

So sorry ya..Picture quality quite blur pulak

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Reduced To Clear

1). 4 multilayer blue pea seedlings at RM10, excluded postage.

2). 3 mulberry plants for RM10,  excluded postage.

First come first serve, Post on Monday or Tuesday. Interested please email me at

Friday, August 22, 2014

Lazy Style Homemade@DIY Compost Bin

I am a lazy person, so definitely my homemade@DIY compost bin also follow my “lazy style”. Well, is better than nothing right? 

My compost bin was made from a normal black dustbin that we used to have in Malaysia.  

Firstly, you need to make a few holes around the bin. Please refer picture for clearer view. Then you need to make a bigger opening at the bottom bin there. The size of the opening must be bigger than your hand, as you need to collect the finished compost through this opening. Super easy right? Make sure this piece of opening is function like a door hinge.
Okay, to get started just put in a layer of soil…Then you can start to dump in all your plant based kitchen waste, your garden waste like dry leaves and weeds, newspaper, egg shell…any plant based waste that is degradable. 

You can feed the compost bin every day. Please do not underestimate the bin. You may need a few weeks to fill in the bin. The volume of the kitchen waste in the bin is being reduced into lower level very soon as the maggots etc…doing their work in the bin so quickly.  Then you can add in more waste day by day. 

Please ignore all those maggots in the bin. They are helping us. Just feed in your kitchen waste and close the bin and walk a way, ok ;-P . 

With the help from this compost bin, it really reduces my frequency to throw rubbish out from the house significantly. I usually separate the rubbish in wet & dry form. 

Alright, I DO NOT stir or turn over my compost. Just leave it for months and it will be done by its own. We are not in the hurry right? I do not mind to get my finished compost in a little longer time as I get an easier job (do not need to turn over). 

When the bottom layer compost is ready, you can collect them through the opening. Once you are done, close back the opening, push down the upper layer unfinished compost/waste to the bottom, and now you have space to fill in more kitchen waste.  
Oh ya, you do not need to worry about rat. The holes around the bin are too small for them. So it is quite safe. 

I didn’t expect to write so long regarding this bin. Anyway, have fun. 

Rest in Peace