Friday, May 20, 2016

Beautiful DIY Carpet from T-shirt

I have a few bags of old cloth that sit in the cupboard untouched for quite long of time.  These old cloths were given by relative and I have the intention to recycle them into something useful. But I have been ‘so malas’ all this while. 

Alright. After I had done a Google search plus some modifications, I will show you guys a super easy way to turn the old and baggy t-shirts into carpet!! 

I can't believe it only took me about few hours to complete the carpet including cutting the shirts into strips as well as sewing the strips together into carpet. Quite impressive.

Cut your shirts into strips, 5 cm width. You can use any measurement. You need a lot of this strips.
You need a bigger piece of shirt as the base of the carpet. I used black shirt here. Use ruler to draw lines along the shirt. The closer the lines, the carpet will look nicer later. 
Then, we are ready to sew! It is very simple, just fold the strip into half and sew along the line. i used sewing machine to sew.

Keep folding and sewing untill we are done!
The sewing part is done!
Now you need to cut the strips into smaller pieces about 1 inch ...Keep hand will do, no measurement needed here.
Tadaaaaa....You just make a beautiful DIY Carpet from t-shirt!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Limited set of American Seeds For Sale

Very Limited set of American Seeds For Sale

RM130 per set included pos laju charge.

Whole set consisted of 20 types of seeds as below, 
- 200 mg Onion Seeds (White Lisbon Bunching),
- 100 mg Pepper Seeds (Grand Bell Mix),
- 900 mg Radish Seeds (Early Scarlet Globe),
- 200 mg Kohlrabi (Early White Vienna),
- 1 g Beet (Detroit Dark Red)

- 2 g Squash (Early Yellow Straight Neck)
- 1.7 g Squash (Dark Green Zucchini)
- 1.7 g Squash (Waltham Butternut)
- 1.7 g Squash (Table Queen Acorn)
- 1.65 g Pumpkin (Jack O’ Lantern)
  - 200 mg Broccoli (Calabrese ),
  - 200 mg Cauliflower (Snowball X),
  - 8 g Garden Bean (Cherokee Wax/Yellow Bush,
  - 8 g Lima Bean (Henderson/Bush),
  - 400 mg Lettuce (Iceberg)

  - 650 g Morning Glory (Mixed Colors)
  - 500 mg Flower Garden Mix
  - 325 mg Zinnia (Giant Cactus Mixed Colors)
  - 375 mg Zinnia (Lilliput Mixed Colors)
  - 300 mg Bachelor Button (Cyanus Double Mixed Colors)

And I have Tulip Darwin Hybrid Mix color bulbs wanna let go at RM8 per bulb. Oh…Please do not ask me how to grow them. I totally have no idea about that. Please consult Mr. Google ya
Tulip Darwin Hybrid Mix color bulbs wanna let go at RM8 per bulb.

Both seeds & bulbs are very ideal gift for family, relative or friends that love gardening! Grab it before they are gone!

Nak? Cepat-cepat email kat Olive at  =)